Stop Watching TV
100 Fun Things to do Instead

stop watching tv

Stop Watching TV?

You say you don’t have time to do all the things you want. You’re just too busy.

What if you could just stop watching TV and actually lived your life instead of watching others live theirs? Well, if that’s too hard, at least watch less TV and make some time for YOU.

What if you stopped watching Television and made time for things that would make you feel alive and happy?

Despite Reality TV popularity, life is not a spectator sport – get off the couch and have some fun! Do something you’ve always wanted to do; something that makes you feel energized and joyful. You'll be surprised how much time you have when you stop watching TV.

Need some ideas? Here are 100 fun things to do instead of watching TV.

  1. Read one of the classics
  2. Take fun classes like cooking, knitting, pottery, computers, or pole dancing
  3. Start an online business
  4. Plant some flowers
  5. Cook a fabulous meal
  6. Ride your bicycle
  7. Host a block party
  8. Go on a roller coaster
  9. Go to a museum
  10. Read a trashy novel at the beach
  11. Meditate
  12. Go to the Gym
  13. Enjoy a meal and conversation with your family at the dinner table See how this can improve your health
  14. Take your dog for a long walk
  15. Do volunteer work
  16. Organize your photos
  17. Start a scrapbook
  18. Have quality conversations with your children
  19. Check out online groups for people who have similar interests
  20. Become a mentor
  21. Bake something from scratch
  22. Chat with a friend
  23. Practice yoga
  24. Put together a puzzle
  25. Have passionate sex
  26. Go on a nature hike
  27. Start a gratitude journal
  28. Listen to music that really moves you
  29. Attend sports events instead of watching them on TV
  30. Play a sport – softball, volleyball, tennis, racquetball
  31. Go dancing
  32. Learn to play a musical instrument
  33. Learn a new language
  34. Pray
  35. Get out the hula hoop
  36. Go jogging in a beautiful place
  37. Eat a decadent dessert without feeling guilty
  38. Just look at the stars
  39. Watch the sunrise or sunset – or both
  40. Go to a flea market
  41. Flirt with someone
  42. Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while
  43. Go for a leisurely drive to nowhere in particular
  44. Go swimming
  45. Go skinny dipping
  46. Make someone laugh
  47. Have a dinner party
  48. Perform a random act of kindness
  49. Get a manicure or a pedicure
  50. Look at model homes to get decorating ideas
  51. Get a facial
  52. Knit or crochet
  53. Paint a room in your house
  54. Call your parents
  55. Rent funny movies
  56. Start a vegetable garden
  57. Green your home
  58. Listen to personal development CDs or DVDs
  59. Get your degree
  60. Write a love letter
  61. Play a board game
  62. Make home-made gifts
  63. Try new recipes
  64. Go to the Library
  65. Play with your pets
  66. Adopt a pet
  67. Check out local attractions in your town or city
  68. Go boating
  69. Go skydiving
  70. Have drinks with friends
  71. Go scuba diving
  72. Go snorkeling
  73. Go skiing
  74. Learn about different religions or cultures
  75. Participate in Community Theater
  76. See a play
  77. Read poetry - or write a poem
  78. Needlework or Sewing
  79. Play Mah Jong
  80. Host a Poker Night
  81. Go horseback riding
  82. Join a book club, or start your own
  83. Go kayaking
  84. Do Pilates
  85. Go antiquing
  86. Have a spa treatment
  87. Shoot some pool with friends
  88. Do crossword puzzles
  89. Learn about investing
  90. Tackle a home improvement project
  91. Get organized - clean out that junk drawer (I know you have one)
  92. Play golf
  93. Go to a movie with friends
  94. Go bird watching
  95. Read to a child
  96. Learn jewelry making
  97. Photography
  98. Finish all the craft projects you've started
  99. Go to the zoo

stop watching TV

If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace. ~John Lennon