The Media Influence On Society

Negative Influences of Media:

How does the media influence on society effect women and our ability to be happy over 40? Does the mass media influence our body image, our self worth, or outlook on aging?

Only if we let it.

things to do instead of watchng TV

There are several studies that illustrate that the media influence on society is especially valid concerning women over 40. But we don’t need studies to tell us this is true. If you look, you will find an obsession with youth and beauty everywhere you look – in magazines, newspapers, radio, the internet, television, and in the movies.

This is especially true these days because technology is advancing so rapidly and because we’re a culture obsessed with fame and celebrity.

Everywhere you look someone is plugged in to some electronic device. Because of the internet, information moves at warp speeds today so we’re bombarded with even more media influence.

Positive Media Influences:

I firmly believe we would do much better if we limited our exposure to the mass media, especially TV. Having said that, TV can also be a powerful way to promote positive influences for women.

It can be very positive and inspirational to be exposed to successful women over 40 and we’ve certainly seen good examples of this recently with women such as Oprah, Dara Torres, Michelle Obama,  Ellen Degeneres, Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, and Sonia Sotomayor to name a few.

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In the real world, nothing happens at the right place at the right time. It is the job of journalists and historians to correct that. ~Mark Twain