The Importance of Education
For Women Over 40

The importance of education for women over 40 cannot be overstated. Learning is a lifelong process and is essential to your personal growth, well being, and happiness.

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So what is the definition of lifelong learning? It really is as simple as it sounds; it’s the continuation of learning throughout one’s entire lifetime.

There is no way to enter midlife happily without expanding your growth and knowledge. If you aren’t willing to learn new things life becomes dull and boring, but when you open yourself up to new ways of thinking, life gets more expansive and fills you will energy, passion and possibilities.

The importance of education for us midlife women is vital to help us achieve success financially, emotionally and spiritually. Knowledge helps us not only in career growth and financial success, but it helps us become more self-confident and independent which can help us achieve our lifelong dreams and goals.

Don’t underestimate the importance of education and lifelong learning; take advantage of every learning opportunity that comes your way and constantly seek out new opportunities.

Is the importance of education only applicable for those seeking certificates or degrees? Fortunately, NO, learning can be obtained in a whole host of ways and all you have to do is decide which method will work best for your lifestyle and goals.

Which Learning Vehicle is Right for You?

Whether you want to learn to cook or you want to become a lawyer, no matter what your education goal is, there are a wide variety of ways to gain knowledge. The importance of education is evident by the numerous ways you can gain knowledge today:

Life Experience:

You learn from your life experiences, not from words. When you go to college right out of high school you are mostly learning theory and words. When you continue your education as an adult you are bringing a lifetime of experiences and the experiences of all those adults around you.

Every time you take on a new challenge or opportunity you are learning and growing and becoming a better you. Just think how many skills you need to be a good mom.


While college isn’t for everyone, it is now more accessible than ever. There are more resources for financial aid and more flexible and distance learning opportunities available.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the importance of education means money: education pays. A college graduate earns approximately $20,000 more annually than someone with only a high school education. The unemployment rate is also lower for college graduates.

Traditional college is a great source of learning, not just academically, but it also teaches teamwork, and offers exposure to diverse people and ideas you may never otherwise discover.

Distance Learning: (click to learn more)

According to the U.S. Department of Education, 90% of 2 year colleges offer distance learning courses. This is perfect for busy adults who need more flexible options for continuing education.

Local Community Adult Education Classes:

Almost all communities offer adult education classes ranging from learning a new language, knitting, Yoga, or investing strategies. They are often held in local high schools or community centers. They are usually short term in nature and are very affordable.

Online Classes: 

What could be more convenient than learning at your own pace in your own home? There are thousands of online classes available (many are free). Do your research and try to find classes that have testimonials and reviews. Make sure you have the proper computer setup and that there are no hidden fees.

On the job training:

The importance of education is critical for many jobs. Do you work for a company that will let you train for another position in the company? Talk with your management and let them know your career goals. There’s no better training than learning as you go. If you want to change fields completely you may want to offer your services for free – you gain knowledge; they gain free labor – everyone gains something valuable.

Mentor or Coach:

Check to see if you company has a mentor program. Check the internet for coaches in your particular field – there’s practically a coach for everything these days. It’s nice to have someone “hold your hand” when you’re learning something new. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement.

Reading books:

Make a commitment to read 1 or 2 books every month. Don’t have time? Purchase books on CDs and listen while you drive to work. Visit your local library; in addition to books most have some kind of continuing education programs available.

Vocational training:

Do you aspire to be a computer technician, a Veterinarian assistant, or a medical transcriptionist? Check out vocational schools in your local community.

Traveling the world:

What better way to expand your knowledge than to visit other places, cultures, and people? This can be one of the most eye-opening experiences you can have.

Volunteer training programs:

This is a win-win. You gain knowledge by help others at the same time.


Join local business organizations, professional associations, or online groups to enhance your learning experience and connect with a diverse group of people interested in the same subjects you are.

Educational TV, CDs, DVDs, movies, websites:

Stay current by using technology to provide the latest information on any subject you can think of.

Self Improvement Classes:

There are so many available today. Be discriminating and find the programs that are meaningful to you. If you don’t like one; try another.

Participate in online communities that promote growth and learning:

Stay away from those chat rooms, forums and member sites that are just gripe sessions. There are truly amazing communities out there that inspire, uplift and educate.

Teach others:

Teachers often learn more than the students they teach. Are you a great knitter? Can you play the piano? Are you a finance wiz? Take your skills and talents and teach them to others. What you gain in the process will be priceless.

We live, we learn, we grow

Don’t let time and cost get in the way of the importance of education in your personal and professional life. Online classes and distance learning offers flexibility and there are many classes that are free or low cost.

Graduate school can be quite expensive but there are grants, scholarships, low-interest student loans, and financial aid. Some employers also offer tuition reimbursement programs that cover all or most of the cost of tuition, fees and books.

Is college for everyone? Absolutely not. There’s more than one way to get an education. Many successful and happy people did not go to college, BUT they understand the importance of education and find ways to continuously learn and grow.

Whether you learn in a classroom, through on the job training, through reading, through networking, through knowledge passed on from your family – the key is to always learn new things.

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Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young. ~Henry Ford