How to Handle Stress and Aging:

Understanding how to handle stress becomes even more important as we get older. Do stress and aging go hand in hand? It certainly doesn’t have to.

One thing is certain – stress can be a significant factor in speeding up the aging process so if you don’t find a way to manage the stress in your life, your later years will be much more of a struggle than it should be.

How does stress impact your aging process? It:

  • Affects your heart, weight and skin which are major factors in how well we age.

  • Increases chronic illness symptoms

  • Lowers your immunity and makes you susceptible to the common cold, viruses, and certain cancers

  • Increases the occurrences of migraine and tension headaches

  • Causes a whole host of ailments including stomach aches, heart palpitations, depression, and general aches and pains

how to handle stress

Research can show a relationship between stress and aging, but we really don’t need research to tell us this. You can see it with yourself and the people around you. When you’re stressed your health and appearance shows it – you just look and feel older than you are.

The good news is that stress management is 100% within your control. Some people have a hard time believing this. It’s never your husband’s fault or your employer’s fault or even the government’s fault. How you handle the people and situations in your life is ALWAYS your responsibility. When you get this, your stress will fall away.

There are millions of people who are thriving in midlife and living happy and fulfilling lives. They understand how to handle stress and they manage the day-to-day stresses in life and even use it to their advantage. When they feel stress, they identify the stressor and take action to rectify it.

Ways to deal with stress - what do they know that you don’t?

  • They accept that change is inevitable and have found a way to roll with the changes. This is the key to managing stress. You will never have peace if you can’t accept what is.

  • They learn the magic word “NO” which frees them from too many unsatisfying obligations and responsibilities.

  • They make “FUN” a priority, not just something you do once a year on vacation.

  • They don’t complain incessantly about their jobs, their spouses, their government, their kids, their neighbors, the price of gas, the economy, and on and on. Learn how to stop complaining.

  • They make the effort to do things that relieves stress such as meditation for stress relief, exercise, yoga, playing with their kids or pets, enjoying nature, or anything that just makes them feel alive and full of well being.

  • They understand that getting older does not have to equal decline and that everyone makes the choice on how they react to their age.

The best tip on how to handle stress and aging is just to accept getting older. Don’t struggle against aging; it just causes more stress. We are supposed to get older so why fight it? Enjoy it!

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how to handle stress

A physical being, fully physically focused, and loving life, will age and mature, but will not decline. ~ Abraham-Hicks