Dealing with Mid Life Crisis?
Learn how to thrive during this transition time

Are you dealing with mid life crisis issues? While this midlife transition period can be turbulent and a little uncomfortable at first, if you welcome it and do the work, it can be enriching and life changing. When you resist change you become fearful and anxious. This is a terrible place to be stuck. This is when you are susceptible to illnesses. dealing with mid life crisis It can be difficult when you figure out what you really, really, really want is different than your long held dreams. But, giving up a dream that doesn’t work for you will allow you to give birth to new dreams; dreams that will suit who you are NOW.

Let’s face it, if our dreams didn’t change as we got older, we’d all be astronauts, ballerinas, or rock stars.

I want you to know that midlife changes and challenges are the link to having the life you want. It forces you out of your life of default and makes you look at what's really important to you. Dealing with mid life crisis issues is your wake-up call.

Don't be scared of it - make peace with it, embrace it, learn from it and grow.

The key to dealing with mid life crisis is to recognize the signs and focus on what’s really important to you. So many women have come out of this midlife transition period so much better and stronger than they were in their 20’s and 30’s.

How did they do it?

  • Turn your fear into curiosity. Ask yourself what you are supposed to learn from this experience.

  • Understand that midlife is not a dirty word. Millions of women have thrived during and after this period and you can too. All you need is the desire to look at this as a positive growing experience.

  • Conquer your fears. Don’t let your fear of the unknown make you settle for a mediocre life.

  • Be clear about what you want - NOT what your husband or your kids want. As women we want to nurture and make sure everyone else is happy, but that’s not your job – it’s theirs. Just as it’s not their job to make you happy. This is the time for you, once and for all, to find out what makes you happy.

  • Focus on what you’ve gained. You suffer in midlife if you focus on what’s lost – your flawless skin, your figure, your affect on men, or no longer caring for young children. But it can be so magnificent if you focus on what you’ve gained – greater spirituality, wisdom, inner peace.

  • Come to terms with death and mortality. Do you think that life is hard and then you die? Or do you think you are an eternal being and life is never ending. What you believe about your mortality can have a major impact on how easily you transition into this midlife period.

  • Cultivate a better relationship with time. We have such a screwed up relationship with time don’t we? On Mondays we can’t wait for Friday, when we’re teenagers we can’t wait to be adults, when we’re working hard we can’t wait to retire. We are constantly wishing our lives away until we get to midlife and we wish to stop the clock altogether. If we spent more time in the present instead of wishing the hours, days and years away, we would have a different relationship with time. Savor every moment, not just the major milestone.

Dealing with mid life crisis can be a gift. You can go from surviving midlife crisis to thriving in midlife.

dealing with mid life crisis

Live your life and forget your age. ~ Norman Vincent Peale